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What do you know about Hot Pressed Oil

After a lengthy period of analysing the UK edible oil market in determining what consumers really want from their oil, this in conjunction with the unprecedented success of our other range of edible oils.Flavoil are delighted to present all foodies out there our Unique and simply delicious Hot Pressed all natural sunflower oil.

In keeping with the growing trend and demand for healthy oils, Flavoils Hot Pressed oil ticks every one of these boxes and in addition it is addictively delicious.The process, like all great products, is simplicity itself, as the raw materials speak for themselves.Our Hot Pressed sunflower oil is made simply by heating the all natural seeds, and thereafter pressing them, with no additional additives, this resulting oil has a sweet and nutty flavour, simply unique in taste, it is sure to enhance and compliment any dish where raw and uncooked oil can be used, be it salad dressing, marinades or simply used for dipping breads.

This all natural product besides being very beneficial to your heart and waistline, will guarantee your next dinner party will be an unprecedented success.


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