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Oil for catering

Vegetable oils are a valuable source of nutritive elements, non-saturate fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins like Retinol and Tocoferol (vitamins A and E). Regular inclusion of vegetable oils in the diet can prevent plenty of dangerous modern diseases, like atherosclerosis, heart attack, breast cancer, malabsorption and other digestion problem, which can be a result of unhealthy eating or elimination of all fatty components during slimming diet or disorders of food behavior.

Oil for catering can be bought in every market, but before buying the oil the customer must be sure, that it's a highest quality product, because oil-spreads or solid oils do not have any benefits, which have virgin liquid oil.

Science researches proved, that consumption of oils in the amount of 5-10 grams per day can prevent a lot of negative changes in digestive system, breast and stomach cancer, reduce aging changes of skin and joints, normalize the level of female sex hormones in menstrual disorders and make everyday life more energetic and active, because of stimulation of regenerative processes in cell membranes.

Vegetable oil wholesale can be bought in special stores or by ordering necessary volume of oils on website. “Flavoil” company presents to customers different types of vegetable oil for catering and wholesale.


Client can buy oil wholesale in a couple of clicks and be absolutely sure, that such oil is natural and good. All oil positions in the assortment of the company are tested by controlling bodies and fully complied with food safety standards. Oils that are presented on the company's website are obtained ecologically clean from plants that were grown without the addition of synthetic stimulants and toxic substances, so they preserved valuable nutritional properties and the entire vitamin spectrum of natural oils. If necessary, the customer has an opportunity to arrange delivery for the ordered goods.


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