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buy vegetable oil

Vegetable oil for cuisine is one of the most necessary ingredients in everyday meal. Non-saturated fatty acids, which are the main component of vegetable oil, are structural component of cell membranes and majority of human hormones, that’s why including plant oils help healthy functioning of human organism without risk of growing weight. Furthermore, vegetable oils reduce risk of atherosclerosis and obesity, so natural and high quality oil is a good variant for frying and baking. Vegetable oils is a valuable sours of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which normalize metabolism and repair cells after damage by free radicals and toxins. Organic vegetable oils are extremely necessary for vegetarians, because with their help they can get the full spectrum of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins without eating animal products.

Everyone can buy oil for dish at the closest market, but no one can be sure, that this oil will be natural and high quality. That’s why strongly recommended buying vegetable oils on specialized websites, which deal with oil industry and produce high-quality fatty extracts from plants and seeds, which grew without the addition of synthetic stimulants and were not treated with potentially dangerous drugs.

Customer can buy vegetable oil, by choosing necessary position from the web-catalogue “Flavoil” company. The company presents to its clients only best fruit and vegetable oils, which were tested for toxins, potentially dangerous additives and impurities. All oils comply with international food safety standards and can be used for heat treatment of food and salad dressing.


Vegetable oil retail is carried out by the company both through the Internet site, and with the help of call to the main office of the company, and you can pick up the goods either by self-transportation or by taking delivery to the right address.


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